Clever little bag

PUMA’s clever little bag saves money and resources

Usually, shoes are packaged in an attractive, printed cardboard box. When it’s purchased in the shop, the box of shoes is typically placed in a heavy-duty plastic shopping bag and given to the customer. At home, the customer is then faced with the hassle of getting rid of the rubbish.

The sports equipment manufacturer, Puma, ships 80 million pairs of shoes yearly from China to shops all over the world. Puma realized that it was possible to save substantial costs, protect the environment and improve convenience for the customer if an easier alternative to the cardboard box could be found.

After 21 months of work and thousands of rejected ideas, designer Yves Béhar developed “the clever little bag” that combines the box’s protection and square form with the bag’s handle and recyclability.

The clever little bag is made of non-woven fabric (recycled PET), which can be heat stitched rather than sewn. The bag is placed over a frame of simple corrugated cardboard that protects the shoes and creates a square form that makes it easy to store. The cardboard frame is folded from one piece of cardboard without calendered paper and multi-colored print. The bag can be recycled and is also biodegradable.

Customer reception of this clever little bag has been extremely positive. Puma has saved large amounts of resources and CO2 emission as well as reducing packaging and transportation costs.

clever little bag